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Personalisation - The Path to Better Cx

Posted by Erin Raese on Sep 14, 2018 4:09:08 PM
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What happens when a "trend" becomes a "must-have"? Personalisation has been a buzzword in the loyalty marketing realm for the past couple of years, yet it's no longer something that is a nice to have; in the age of the empowered customer, brands need to better serve customers an individualised experience. 

Loyalty is the conduit to true personalisation, and airlines were ahead of the game for decades as they invented formalized loyalty programs to show customer appreciation at scale. While airlines know their members to an extent - spend amounts, travel destinations, rewards redeemed - they can differentiate themselves from what is quickly becoming commodity-like travel programs to rise above the competition through holistic personalisation. Loyalty acts as the conduit for personalisation to collect the data integral to building seamless omni-channel customer experience across hundreds of touchpoints, and it all starts with a data-rich member profile.

Since no two travelers are the same, airlines can use data-rich customer profiles to consistently interact with members through their individual loyalty journeys. In addition to what marketers already know about their VIP flyers, they can identify the value of every member at each step in their journey, and leverage predictive analytics to uncover which members are most likely to achieve the highest program tiers, so airlines can start inspiring those members to their maximum potential at the right moment in time. What's particularly exciting about knowing a member's predictive value is the ability to make smarter decisions for a brand. Calculating how to invest back into the loyalty program can cultivate massive distinction and notoriety in experience, an additional tool for rising above the fray of low-cost carriers, and a popular program will attract more customers, making your marketing spend more efficient.

Along these unique member journeys, each interaction feeds information back to the brand in the value exchange, allowing marketers to refine communications and other engagement techniques to stay top of mind for members. This habituation embeds the brand into consumer behaviour, and cements the emotional bonds to that airline, making a member less likely to opt for another carrier based on price alone. 

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